February Meeting

OCFW Welcomes Robin Patchen

OKC Christian Fiction Writers will host award-winning author Robin Patchen on Saturday, February 18, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Ms. Patchen will speak on Small Edits: Big Impact; Literary Devices and Simple Tricks to Improve your Prose. Often the difference between a mediocre writer and a great one lies in a few edits—shuffling a sentence here, choosing a more impactful word there. In this course, she will show us how to dig into some age-old literary devices and see examples of where they have been used with great success. She will also teach us a few simple tricks that make a big impact.  

Robin Patchen is one of the authors of 5 Editors Tackle the 12 Fatal Flaws of Fiction Writing, a self-editing resource. She’s a writing coach and multi-published Christian Fiction author. Her first full-length novel won the Lyra Award for Women’s Fiction and was a finalist in the Carol Award. When she’s not writing, Robin is a freelance editor specializing in Christian Fiction. Formerly Assistant Editor for Wayside Press and copyeditor for Serenade Books, she works now as a writing coach and freelance editor, where she partners with novelists at every level, from the greenest beginners to multi-published, award-winning veterans. Her greatest passion is to see Christian authors write excellent fiction that has the power to change lives. 

OCFW meets the third Saturday of the month at 1:00 at Henderson Hills Baptist Church, located on the Corner of 15th & I-35 in Edmond. For more information, visit http://okcchristianfictionwriters.com or email JJ Johnson at OCFWchapter@gmail.com        


September Meeting

OCFW Welcomes Julie Jarnagin 

OKC Christian Fiction Writers will host multi-published author Julie Jarnagin on Saturday, September 17th, from1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Ms. Jarnagin will speak on Brainstorming for Success. Writers need to consistently generate fresh ideas. Whether it’s coming up with a plot for a new story or developing a marketing plan, knowing how to get the most from brainstorming sessions can provide unique ideas to keep any writer on the cutting edge of the industry.

Ms. Jarnagin’s latest book, Cowgirl in the Kitchen, published by Serenade Books, was released June 30, 2016.  USA Today Best Selling author Julie Jarnagin writes sweet and inspirational romance. She grew up in a small Oklahoma town where her family farmed and ranched. These days she lives in a not-so-big city with her amazing husband and two young sons who tolerate all her nerdy quirks. Julie earned a B.A. in Journalism / Professional Writing from the University of Oklahoma and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. Visit Julie at www.JulieJarnagin.com. Sign up for her newsletter to be the first to learn about new releases and free books: http://eepurl.com/5y5k

OCFW meets the third Saturday of the month at 1:00 at Henderson Hills Baptist Church, located on the Corner of 15th & I-35 in Edmond. For more information, email JJ Johnson at OCFWchapter@gmail.com.


Monthly Meeting, July 16th

OKC Christian Fiction Writers will host Kris Austin, CEO of Draft2Digital, on Saturday, July 16, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Mr. Austin will speak on The World of Indie-Publishing with Draft2Digital. He will discuss the state of the indie-publishing world, the rise of global markets and all the tools Draft2Digital has made to help authors succeed.  With a catalog of 85,000 titles from 24,000 authors, Draft2Digital has seen just about everything the world of self-publishing has to offer.
Kris Austin is the CEO and co-founder of Draft2Digital, a company offering online, author-assistance tools to enhance the business of publishing. Sporting simple but beautiful ebook formatting and conversion as well as easy distribution across some of the most powerful digital stores available, D2D is growing both its market share and its influence in the self-publishing world. Draft2Digital was founded in 2012 and enjoys continued growth and success.
Before taking this post with Draft2Digital, Kris worked for a private information technologies firm, where he managed the IT departments of dozens of Oklahoma City businesses. He received a B. S., Computer Science from Oklahoma Christian University in 2004.
OCFW meets the third Saturday of the month at 1:00 at Henderson Hills Baptist Church, located on the Corner of 15th & I-35 in Edmond. For more information, visit http://okcchristianfictionwriters.com or email JJ Johnson at OCFWchapter@gmail.com


OCFW Welcomes Regina Jennings June 18th

OKC Christian Fiction Writers will host award-winning author Regina Jennings on Saturday, June 18, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Ms. Jennings will speak on We've Got the Beat - Using Screenwriters' Tricks to Enrich Your Plot. Going beyond the three-act structure, Regina will share the plotting techniques that she learned while writing her fifth book, A Most Inconvenient Marriage. She credits this method for allowing her to win her first writing award, the National Readers' Choice Award for Best Inspirational Novel of 2014. Regina will use the movie Frozen to illustrate the technique, and invites you to watch the movie before you come to optimize your learning experience. (Warning - the meeting might break out into a sing-along. Sorry guys!)
When not taking care of her hoard of children, Regina Jennings writes humorous, historical romances. Her latest book, At Love's Bidding, was released to acclaim and sales and other stuff. Romantic Times Reviews said this about it - "What a delightful book! The relationship between Wyatt and Miranda develops naturally and comically. Their banter serves to ratchet up the romantic tension and propels the match forward in a captivating way. Great romance, sprinkled with a bit of mystery, and some laugh-out-loud humor, this tale is entertaining from start to finish." 
Wasn't that nice?
Before becoming a writer, Regina worked at the Oklahoma National Stockyards, First Baptist Mustang and attended Oklahoma Baptist University. 
OCFW meets the third Saturday of the month at 1:00 at Henderson Hills Baptist Church, located on the Corner of 15th & I-35 in Edmond. For more information, visit http://okcchristianfictionwriters.com or email JJ Johnson at OCFWchapter@gmail.com.


May Meeting - Speaker Rene Gutteridge

OCFW Welcomes Rene Gutteridge!

We will meet on May 21st from 1:00pm - 3:00pm. Rene Gutteridge will speak on How Film is Ruining Your Fiction. Have you ever wondered if film is seeping into how you write your novels?  As both a novelist and screenwriter, Rene studied this extensively to figure it out.  What she came away with was a new understanding of how culture's biggest form of entertainment influences how many novelists write...and it's not a good thing!  Rene will explore with writers how to get filmmaking out of your novels and why it will make a huge difference in your fiction!

Rene Gutteridge is the award-winning and best-selling author of twenty-four multi-genre novels and is a seasoned collaborator in both fiction and film. She has novelized six screenplays and movies, including her newest, Old Fashioned, with writer/director Rik Swartzwelder. Her romantic comedy with screenwriter Cheryl McKay, Never the Bride, won the Carol Award in 2010 for Best Women’s Fiction.  Her new titles include two more novelizations with Cheryl McKay, Love’s a Stage and O Little Town of Bethany. Her seven suspense books include Possession, Misery Loves Company, Ghost Writer and Escapement
Her indie film, the comedy SKID, was deadCenter Film Festival’s Best Oklahoma Feature Film Winner in 2015 and also won Best Oklahoma Feature at Red Dirt and Trail Dance. She is a creative consultant on Boo, a script based on her beloved novel series, which is in development at Sodium 11 Entertainment with Andrea Nasfell (Moms’ Night Out) as screenwriter. Her novel My Life as a Doormat was adapted into a Hallmark film called Love’s Complicated which premiered in January of 2016 and scored 2.1 million viewers.


Calling All Creatives!

Please join us for our 2016 Mini-Conference featuring Allen Arnold. Here's a note from Allen about what you can expect...

Allen Arnold
I invite you to join me April 23rd for a day of breakthrough creativity. 

At this event, a rare group of of writers will gather in Oklahoma City for a time of ideation, restoration, and creative renewal. It is an interactive experience that fuses the practical with the mysterious. 

Everyone who attends will receive a spiral notebook that has been personalized with a unique message inside. It's the perfect place to take notes during the event - and to remember God's specific invitation to you on this journey.
The following thoughts provide a glimpse of what's to come at the event. Please join me for what promises to be a creative feast for storytellers.

1) Realize tips and techniques can only take you so far.
The craft of writing is both necessary...and not enough. As founder of one of the largest Christian Fiction divisions and former publisher to more than 500 new and best-selling authors, I know there is a deeper foundation. There is so much more...and it begins by looking at the two Creative Realms. 

2) Learn to Savor God's Identity as Creator.
In Scripture, the first way God introduces himself to us is as Creator. Many of us are so familiar with the details of Genesis 1 that we miss the reason why God chose to reveal this aspect of himself before any other–and how that affects our approach to creativity. 

3) Understand how knowing your Story leads to better stories.
When you know the themes and the scars of your Story, you better understand the Creator's invitation into the stories you were born to write. This breakthrough principle will shed light on the truer you and the truest form of your creativity.

4) Escape the creative resistance that derails you.
At times, we all feel overwhelmed, weary, disheartened, or isolated. What you may not realize is that these dry, dusty places are often traps set by the enemy. Discover the various Creative Deserts...and the way out.

5) Stay creative for the long haul.
Within a few years, many artists burn out or fade out. Learn how to be the exception through the art of Kintsugi and the way of Spiritual Manna. 

6) Discover what God thinks of your creativity.
Really - is there any higher goal than this? During the day, we'll individually enter into what C.S. Lewis refers to as a "thin place" where we'll listen to what the Creator's has to say about our creativity.

I hope to see you April 23rd!

Click here for more information and conference registration.


OCFW Mini-Conference, April 23rd

OKC Christian Fiction Writers will host speaker Allen Arnold at their sixth annual mini-conference as he presents The Wildness of Writing with God. Get ready to discover why God called you to write, how to escape your Creative Deserts, and step into the Truer Identity that the Creator has for you.  This powerful, beautiful, disruptive journey takes writers from feeling alone, burnt out and hopeless to a place of creative freedom, fellowship, and intimacy. Whether you're a seasoned author or new writer, this is your invitation into a rare, foundational journey that has the potential to change the story you're living...and the story you're writing.

Allen Arnold's mission is to help storytellers, songwriters, and artists discover how to intimately and actively create with God. He cut his teeth in the advertising world (think the HBO series Mad Men on steroids) and then spent more than twenty years in Christian publishing. As the founding Fiction Publisher for one of the world's largest Christian publishing houses, Allen oversaw the development of more than five hundred novels. He knows first-hand how common it is for creators to become disheartened, overwhelmed or burnt-out–as well as what it takes to help the dreams of writers become reality. He now oversees Content at Ransomed Heart – a ministry in the mountains of Colorado led by New York Times Bestselling Author John Eldredge. But that doesn't really describe the man. Allen savors time with his family, craves the beach, drinks salsa by the glass, and is hooked on the TV series "Lost". He pursues his calling to the larger creative community as a featured or keynote speaker at numerous gatherings and conferences each year.

The mini-conference will be held on Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00p.m. at the Memorial Road Church of Christ, located at 2221 E Memorial Road in Edmond, Oklahoma. The location is just west of Oklahoma Christian University and a short jaunt off I-35 or the Kilpatrick Turnpike. The cost is $50 with pre-registration or $60 at the door. Online registration is available here.

OCFW meets the third Saturday of the month at 1:00 at Henderson Hills Baptist Church, located on the Corner of 15th & I-35 in Edmond. For more information, email JJ Johnson at OCFWchapter@gmail.com.